Debbie Smilar

Health and Safety Advisor, NCSO, CHSC,

Utilizing years of practical safety experience in a variety of industries to assist clients with the enhancement and development of safety programs, certified external COR auditor in Alberta and the Yukon. This practical experience is complemented by an educational background in Business Management and Human Resource Development, which aligns well with current certifications as NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer) and CSS (Construction Safety Specialist). Providing a practical and informative approach to conducting various audits, mitigating risk, ensuring program engagement/ compliance and development. With a professional commitment to ensuring all work, is conducted from a perspective that fosters a proactive, solution based strategy which empowers individuals and increases overall safety program engagement and success.

Debbie is a tremendous asset to our team as she has over 30 years of experience in several field in including environmental consulting fields as a trusted advisor and safety specialist. Debbie is a people focused person and enjoys working throughout western Canada. Most of all she enjoys working with Chuck.

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