Key Client Services

SHE Consulting supports you with:

Develop a Health and Safety Management System
Monitor & Improve your Health & Safety system
Suggest key improvements, for compliance with new OH&S Act & Regulations.
Create Custom Health and Safety processes and practices and H&S Plans
Recommend robust procedures for you to Prequalify subcontractors
Incident Investigations
Recommendations for H&S management of your job site/designate a prime contractor area.
Workplace Observation and Hazard Assessment
Workplace Inspections
Environmental Compliance Program
Regulatory Support
Mine Operations Safety
Gap Analysis
HAZOP Facilitation/Risk Analysis
24-Hour On-Call Service/Safety Check-In
Liaise with Regulators
Confined Spare Entry
Contaminated Sites
Risk Assessment

Plan your work, work your plan

A well-designed health and safety plan is critical to move your project forward—or if you’re experiencing delays—get your project back on track. We use real-world metrics to customize your plan and ensure your systems are working the way they are meant to.

Boots on the ground

Our HSE experts conduct on-site inspections to ensure your facilities are being run in compliance with regulations. As an approved external auditor, we figure out the problems and help design policies that solve them. When we’re done, we leave you a tablet pre-loaded with all the proper forms, so you can quickly generate documentation required by regulators.

In your corner

We work with regulators and advocate for our clients to find unique solutions for their business. In the unfortunate event of a serious workplace incident, we are trained on protocol and best practices—such as filling out the proper paperwork—to help facilitate resolution.

Safety and health program development

Plan your work, work your plan! Building customized safety and health programs is our bread and butter. It doesn't matter if you're an industrial giant or a four-person team, when it comes to the safety and health of  your team, legislation is the minimum standard. Being proactive can prevent needless injuries, project delays and cost overruns. We will work with your team from start to finish to ensure you always meet industry standards, follow best practices, and mitigate risk. Our H&S programs meet or exceed the legislation requirements while fitting your business, making safe work a part of your culture.

Secor/COR® Auditing

A Certificate of Recognition (COR®) verifies that your organization has a fully implemented safety and health management system that meets national standards. To get a COR®, an organization must conduct voluntary audit-based certification by an endorsed third-party auditor. SHE Consulting Is an endorsed auditor with 15 years-experience in four jurisdictions. We are experienced and highly regarded auditors.

Safety training

There Is nothing worse than a workplace injury. In addition to the obvious trauma experienced by the worker and their loved ones, workplace injuries decrease team morale and increase project costs. Professional safety training gives workers more confidence, develops pride in workplace safety culture, which in turn Increases productivity. SHE Consulting is endorsed by the CHOICES Incentive Program, a rebate program that rewards you up to $25,000 for training your employees. Give us a call to see how we can help you save!

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